- Matzumi`s greatest moments -

Matzumi is a multimedia artist.
Here she stands in front of her green screen.

Recordings for the music video "Ancient Prayer
on that day.

Matzumi always makes her music video herself.
She leaves nothing to chance - neither in
their music, still in their videos.

Every detail has its purpose, its whole
special statement. A message for those
who are ready to take you into her very

own world of sound and follow pictures...

OKV Ebersbach - 21.02.2014

The 21.02.2014 - what a day!
After 2 years of hard work on the 2014 released concept album "Symphony of silence and humility" the day of release finally came. This long-awaited day was duly celebrated with the live premiere of "Symphony" and also pieces from the previously released joint album "Bravura Apasionada", which was created in collaboration with Emilsam Velàzquez.

-  Soundcheck  - 

Of course there is a soundcheck before every concert. Sound and vocals will be coordinated. Almost this concert could not take place - and that only because of a missing cable! But thanks to the improvisation skills of a good friend, nothing more stood in the way of the premiere of the "Symphony of silence and humility".

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Photo shooting with Udo Langner - 07.10.2012

On 07.10.2012 it was time to take matching artist photos of Matzumi. Matzumi met with Udo Langner in Wiehl. Together they went to Ehreshoven Castle. In the castle park these pictures of Matzumi in her very special dress were taken, which earned her the title "High Priestess of Synthesizers" at her concert in 2011.

Gruga park Essen - 25.08.2012

Actually it should have been a joint concert with the Danish electronic musician "Nattefrost", where the recently released joint album "From Distant Times" was to be premiered. But it turned out differently. Nattefrost could not come and Matzumi improvised. Pieces with singing were played impromptu.

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Radio Tide concert - 30.04.2012 in Hamburg

In April, the Danish electronic musician "Nattefrost" and Matzumi released their joint album "From Distant Times", which was played live that same month - presented by the show "Sound of Syn" - at the radio station Tide 96,0 in Hamburg.
Between the performed pieces Nattefrost and Matzumi were interviewed about their joint project.

Schallwelle Award ceremony / 10.03.2012 in Bochum

On 10.03.2012 Matzumi was once again nominated for the Soundwave Prize for Electronic Music, which is awarded every year at the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum. The prize is awarded for the previous year - 2011. Her album "In Mutatio Tempora" was nominated in the category "Best Album national".
The honoured artists were projected onto the screen of the dome of the planetarium.

The wait for the award ceremony was rewarded for wonderful
discussions like here with Christoph Czech from
"Codo's Traumreisen".

Below: the Zeiss Planetarium in Bochum.

Exhibitors for Studio - Equipment were
and so Matzumi could represent the new
Roland Jupiter 80.

Then the award ceremony began:

Matzumi got a very special present that day
Prize awarded - by her own family.
The small statue symbolically goes to the
origin of the stage name "Matzumi" back.

E-Live Festival on 15.10.2011

In the Dutch Oirschot in the Theater de Enck, Matzumi played 75 minutes of pieces from the current album "In Mutatio Tempora", but also pieces that never made it onto a Matzumi album.
And in general 2011 was a very active year for Matzumi.

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Matzumis set. For the first time a
Gong used on stage.
Matzumi played there in front of a full house.

On this day Matzumi could win many new fans. Also her albums, which she later offered for sale at her stand, sold very well.

Many of the concertgoers came to her afterwards to talk shop or have wonderful conversations.

2011 - a very good year for Matzumi.

01.10.2011 - Guest appearance with Glenn Main

Electronic Circus Festival in Guetersloh - Matzumi as guest on stage with the Norwegian musician Glenn Main Henriksen.

Spacetime Festival at IBZ Dortmund - 03.09.2011

60 minutes of Matzumi - Bombastsound at the TU Dortmund University as part of a larger event, where several artists performed and played 4 sets of 15 minutes each. Matzumi presented pieces from her current album "In Mutatio Tempora", as well as pieces from her debut album "Sometimes".

Schwingungen party in Hamm - 02.07.2011

The second appearance of Matzumi at the Schwingungen-Party in Hamm. After her live premiere the year before, she decided to only perform in appropriate stage outfits from now on and this year it was a very special outfit that became her trademark: the black and red "dragon dress".
Now Matzumi was born as an overall concept.

Later that evening there was a little special for the audience:
Nattefrost and Matzumi played together the title "The new dawn" from their joint album "From Distant Times",
which was supposed to be released in 2012.

Schallwelle Award ceremony / 12.03.2011 in Bochum

In April 2010 Matzumi had her first contact to the electronic music scene. After that she attended some concerts at various locations, soon had her live premiere as Matzumi, a guest appearance with Morpheusz and had released another album: the "Ad Infinitum".
So on 12 March 2011 the day had come when she received her first honour in the form of a glass trophy, a certificate and a CD production at Interdisc. This sponsored CD production comprised a number of 500 CDs, of which Matzumi was to have her upcoming album "In Mutatio Tempora" produced in 2011.

She was nominated in all 3 possible categories: - Best Newcomer 2010, Best Artist National, Best Album National. Nominated was her current EP "Ad Infinitum".

The laudation was read out by Sylvia Sommerfeld, the chairwoman of the Schallwende e.V.

Of course Matzumi was interviewed by Christoph Czech for his show "Codos Traumreisen" after the award ceremony of the Schallwelle prize.

A successful day comes to an end and
at a late hour the journey home began.
What a day !

Guest appearance at Morpheusz - 25.09.2010

Every year the Electronic Circus opens its doors and opens the ring to artists from all over the world in the field of electronic music, which goes back to the pioneers Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream etc. As every year the Electronic Circus invites to the Electronic Circus Festival in Bielefeld and this year the group Morpheusz played among others.
Matzumi appeared as a guest singer, after she also took part in the Schwingungen-Party in July of the same year, where she performed with all musicians in the session that always takes place in the evening after the concerts and made a big impression - especially on Ron Boots.

Matzumi`s Live Premiere - 17.07.2010 in Hamm

Already experienced on stage as a Bachgroundsinger in a synthpop band, Matzumi was about to perform her own music for the first time in 2010.
It was in the early 2000s when Kathrin Manz - who soon released her own compositions as Matzumi on various platforms for hobby musicians - toured German cities and various venues with the guys of the synth pop band "F.P." and lent her voice to this band at all their concerts and also on their album "Invent". Even back then she attracted attention with her very own mystical singing and knew how to inspire.
But now the day had come in July, when Matzumi herself went live - at the Schwingungen-Party in Hamm. A scene party for electronic music.
As a woman, Matzumi is an absolute exotic in the electronic music scene, as women are a real rarity on the synthesizer.
In 2010 the Matzumi project was not yet mature in its overall concept. But that should change after this premiere, as you could already see the following year.

It's a tradition that after all those concerts,
that day at the vibratory party
a session of the musicians takes place.
So Matzumi was carrying
her voice to this session and it
should be magical moments...

The place where Matzumis monumental sound is created

Anyone who thinks that large rooms are needed to sound big - is mistaken!
On only 8 m², from album to album, what later became known as Matzumis bombastic sound was created.

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