Delays with current album project

An album production can be a real adventure.
The release date of Matzumi's new concept album was planned for the end of March 2022, but still the mastering work is not finished, the graphics for booklet and cover are also still in progress and also the CD work will need about 1 1/2 to 2 months for production.

Everything takes more time than originally planned. But one thing is already certain: it will be great!

Studio recordings for Matzumi's new concept album finished

In February 2022, the compositional work on Matzumi's new concept album, which is scheduled for release this year, could be completed. Almost 1 year of work in the studio have produced a true monumental work with serious theme and will be at the same time the brilliant comeback Matzumi, after 6 years of musical break.

Matzumi's new album thematically deals with the nature of man, the play of good and evil, of darkness and light.
The result (and still in the making) is a total work of art in sound, image and writing. It is already much more than just another Matzumi album. It is a message to humanity.

Studio conversion in August 2021

The temporary studio has now been rearranged to allow Matzumi to work on her new album even more comfortably. The workstation is now centrally located in the middle and the synthesizers are to the left and right of it respectively. In general, the new studio got a completely new look.
Some things are still to be done, like setting up the studio monitors, and some indirect lighting is also planned.

On a Sunday, the entire studio was dismantled, one wall completely redesigned. Then all the equipment could be rebuilt in its new place.
In the video you get a wonderful impression of Matzumi's new creative realm.

Matzumi insiders already know album title

If you have subscribed to Matzumi's newsletter, you will always receive the latest news from Matzumi from time to time. This is also true for the new album project.

Matzumi affectionately calls her newsletter subscribers "insiders" because they get a look behind the scenes.
Matzumi Insiders already know the title and the theme of Matzumi's new concept album.

The new album is already half finished.
Musically, the future owner of the upcoming concept album can look forward to an epic-monumental work.

Matzumi incorporates new stylistic devices, which already additionally gives the whole work its very own grandeur. Great things await you!

New Matzumi album is developing rapidly

The upcoming new concept album from Matzumi is developing amazingly fast.

Already now in its raw state it sounds epic and monumental. The album title is also already fixed, but will be announced to the public at a later date. The title wonderfully reflects the sonic character of the album.

In January 2021 the work on a new Matzumi album could start and already now - end of March 2021 - a lot of new material is available. Various started songs waiting for their completion.

The release date of the new album is yet to be announced.
Here is a small teaser from the studio of the current production:

Fan Shop opened 01.03.21

On 01.01.2021 the time had come: the gates to the new Matzumi fan store were opened and for the first time the public got to see all the fan articles that were still kept secret until 01.03.21.

New concept album in progress

Hardly has the new year begun, also for Matzumi the work on a new concept album starts after 6 years of musical break.

Only recently, a first small teaser was released, which will give a first taste of what is to come.
One thing can be revealed: Matzumi will once again live up to her title of "monumental artist" with her future album. In addition, a new stylistic device will be used, which can already be heard in the teaser:

The new studio is up!

Finally the time has come: the new Matzumi studio is ready!

The synthesizers are set up and wired, but it's not 100% ready to go yet, as the vocal booth still needs to be built.
The new studio mixer could now also be set up so far. Soon the first test recordings will follow before serious composing and working on a new album again.

Here are the first pictures from the new studio:

Matzumi Merchandise

Geplant für Februar / März 2021(subject to change): Matzumi wird ihren brandneuen Laden eröffnen. Zum ersten Mal - zusätzlich zur Musik - werden fantastische Matzumi-Fanartikel erhältlich sein!

Derzeit verhandelt Matzumi mit verschiedenen Einzelhändlern, um ihre Ideen im Merchandising-Bereich umzusetzen. Die ersten edlen Produkte sind bereits bestellt und unterwegs.

Auch hier gilt der Anspruch, anders zu sein! Diese Behauptung wirkt sich neben der Musik auch auf Artikel aus. Schön und edel, wie bereits im vorigen Text erwähnt - Fanartikel von besonderer Art und Qualität.

Matzumi möchte etwas anbieten, das anderswo in dieser Form kaum oder gar nicht zu finden ist. Es wurden viele Gedanken hineingesteckt, um besonderen Menschen etwas Besonderes zu bieten - und das sind schließlich Matzumi-Fans.

Matzumis Ziel ist es, Musik wieder zu einem ganz besonderen Erlebnis zu machen, nicht nur für den Gehörsinn, sondern auch für alle anderen Sinne. Matzumis Musik will bewusst gehört und wahrgenommen werden - warum also nicht auf sehr edle und stilvolle Weise?

Neugierig werden? Nun, haben Sie etwas mehr Geduld. Wenn die Zeit reif ist, werden Sie mehr lernen.

Der neue Matzumi Shop

Matzumi hat die besten Fans der Welt, weil Ihre Erfahrung unübertroffen ist. Welcher Künstler sehen sich nicht zufrieden, können Fans zu haben?
Matzumi ist sehr, sehr persönliche Kontakte und wie Sie nur etwas zurückgeben.
Sie hat viel mehr gehört, war sie Ihnen - neben Musik - etwas gehört bietet.
Es wird schön und edel sein, so viel wird offenbart.
Auch hier arbeiten sie noch fleißig und mit großen Erfahrungen, denn es ist für Sie.
Weitere Informationen folgen zu gegebener Zeit.

Bau des neuen Matzumi-Studios

Thank you for your interest in new music by Matzumi. In the meantime, so many requests for a new Matzumi album came in.
For a long time it had become very quiet around Matzumi, a time-out was necessary. But don't we all need a longer break for ourselves? But this break was - despite all the silence - creatively used. New concepts were designed and are now gradually being implemented and since all this is being realized by only one person - Matzumi himself - it takes time. A lot has been done, but a lot is still to be done - including the construction of the new studio, so that the once started work on a new album can be continued.
The new material from those days for the new album was taken out of its "drawer" again. Gregorian chants will be part of this already very sublime sounding material and are already the ones that give Matzumi's music a completely different character.
But to be able to work on a new album again, the new studio has to be built up.
A lot is running parallel at the moment. A lot of ideas are waiting to be realized. A creative mind does not run out of ideas so quickly.

New Studio Equipment

Do coincidences really exist or is everything destined?

About 22 years ago: at her favourite music instrument dealer Matzumi heard about the Korg Trinity, got audio samples of it and was immediately hooked on it, but never had the chance to see it live or to play it. From now on all her thoughts were only about how she could afford it, because it cost around 6000 DM as a 61er version! But a little later she heard about the Korg Triton, got a catalogue of it, carried the Triton as a newspaper clipping and the Trinity fell into oblivion. Until a few days ago!

At Gotham, a flea market for vintage analog studio equipment, she saw it! She never looked for him and suddenly he returned to her consciousness through his sheer presence among all the other old gems from the 90s and even earlier decades. She hinted at him and the former enthusiasm came back again. She had to have him! Even back then, because of her dreams of yesteryear.

This high quality keyboard, as Matzumi already loves it so much with her Triton...the quality of the sounds, the noble design.....what a beautiful workstation!

Should it be? Was this trinity meant for her? Fact is, this Korg Trinity Plus will be part of Matzumis new studio and will add more possibilities to her music in the future.

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